Fabric Reinforced Roof System

A fabric reinforced roof system is a seamless acrylic coating with an embedded flexible fabric. This creates a tough, lightweight, leak-free membrane that will resist splitting or rupturing, as well as damage from wind and hail. It also greatly increases the strength of your roof.

Excellent wind and hail protection
Increases energy efficiency
Renew an existing roof

With a highly reflective surface that is resistant to dirt and discoloration, a simple cleaning once or twice a year will enable you to enjoy maximum energy savings. When it becomes time to renew the roof, a simple re-coating is all that's needed. In most cases, this can be done multiple times, saving you the cost of a new roof. Great for both new and existing roofs.

Membrane Restoration System

Our membrane coating system is a complete waterproofing process that can improve and extend the life of an approved, single-ply membrane roof. As membrane roofs age, they can become weathered and dirty, which leads to cracking, leaking, and a diminished energy efficiency. Our elastomeric coating is a new and cost-effective alternative to a completely new roof installation.

Superior waterproofing
Extends the life of the existing roof system

Maintenance is simple, just clean it once or twice a year. When a restored roof again needs renewing, a simple re-coat is all that is needed. Restoring an existing membrane roof also offers a great return on your investment, as well as lowering AC costs. You may also be able to take advantage of tax rebates, credits, and deductions to lower your cost.

Spray Foam Roof System

Our spray foam system is a seamless polyurethane foam barrier that provides waterproofing and well as insulation, increasing energy efficiency and lowering utility expenses. Superior reflectivity of 85% of the sun's heat, and an R value of 6.3 per inch of thickness, combine to save up to 30% on air conditioning costs.

Stops Leaks
Stops lateral water movement
Simplifies repairs

Existing water leaks are sealed, and the lateral movement of water is also stopped. Spray foam is long-lasting, reliable, and lightweight. Any needed repairs are simple - most damage can be fixed with a caulk gun and coating. As with our other roof coating systems, spray foam can be eligible for tax credits, rebates, or deductions. Contact your tax advisor for details.

Metal Roof Restoration System

A complete waterproofing system for metal roofs that stops leaks, inhibits the formation of rust, and provides a long lasting, energy efficient finish coat. Existing roof seams are strengthened with fabric reinforcement which is embedded in the acrylic, elastomeric roof coating. Any exposed fasteners are sealed with top grade caulking. The entire roof is protected with our top quality roof coating. All these elements work together to preserve your existing roof without the need for costly metal repairs or replacement.

Stop leaks at seams where they most occur
Overcome metal design flaws

This system can overcome earlier design flaws in metal application, as well as stopping seam and fastener leaks, which are common in metal roof systems. The highly reflective coating also reduces metal expansion and contraction from changing temperatures, extending the life of the roof.

Single Ply Membrane System

We have two types of single ply membrane systems, PVC and TPO. Both systems offer excellent reflectivity and are resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals, making them ideal in a mixed-use industrial park setting. They offer superior waterproofing and first-rate resistance to wind and hail damage, as well as being UL fire rated. Our system is suitable for any climate and can be applied in any season.

Resistance to wind and hail
Can be applied in all seasons, performs in all climates

When it's time to renew the membrane, we offer acrylic, silicone and urethane coatings, which, in most cases, can be reapplied for as long as you own the building. This allows you to depend on lower utility costs and extended roof lifespan for many years.

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